Often times I hear dancers claiming that one federation is better than the other, regardless of which one it is. I believe as long as you are enjoying the act of Irish dancing and you have a good teacher, it doesn’t matter. 

I have danced under the CLRG for the last 16 years and will be getting my TCRG with CLRG, but I see no reason to fight over which federation is better. We all share a common thing - IRISH DANCING. Why can’t we celebrate that instead of fighting over who’s association is better.

So which do you dance with WIDA, CAID, or CLRG? Let’s celebrate our love for Irish dance!

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    SECONDED. There’s also CRN, An Comhdhail, NAIDF, AAIDT, CRDM, CMFA, FDTA, CRG and CDA. And IDN. And probably way more....
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